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The guide for u to buy cheap wow gold on Mmonice

Want to buy World of Warcrafe gold safe? don't want to be banned ? Where can u find the cheapest Wow gold ? Today we will give u step by step instruction to how to buy Wow gold safely for the least expensive price on MMONICE.the following is the steps for u to buy cheap wow gold on Mmonice



1. Figure out how much gold u want to buy. keep in mind that MMonice offer discount the more u buy so think long term .At the same time if it is your first time to buy WOW gold from MMONICE since we are not trusted from u , we recommend that u choose a small amount just to get the feel of things and feel comfortable with the vendor u end up choosing

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3.Select the gold amount u want from MMONICE ,and click the purchase button then ur order will process by our workers. We need our friend to notice that in order to make sure u are the real holder of the paypal or card which u used to pay for the gold .we will call ur phone to verify the purchase but don't worry it is a just less then 1 minite call won't spend ur money :) if u are unable to use a cell phone we may need u send a pic of your id card with the paypal holder's name on wich u used to pay for your order.(we promise to keep all your personal information 100%safe )

4.When all the above steps done , u can just log into World of Warcrafe.Go to check your mailbox u will find a big pile of gold .Don't surprise ,buying WOW gold from MMONICE ,the whole procedure just takes 5-10 minutes.Have fun all buddies !