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Runscape2007 Vs RS 3 Which server do u prefer

Looking back the year of 2013, a great change has taken place on RuneScape.The coming back of old school runescape .the new coming of R3 ect.So what is the difference between Runescape 2007 and RS3? which is the more popular server? And which is more worth it to play on in terms of actually mattering , as well as item /gold actully having value.


Runescape3 is the most up to date version of Runescape .Runescape 2 was ,of course , what u were familiar with.They then made Evolution of Combat which changed the way combat is , and then annouced Runescape 3 which is an update to graphics ,sound ,and giving customized interfaces.u could basically call it Wowscape.

Runescape2007 is exactly that , Runescape2007.It is basically Runescape as it was in 2007,old combat,old armors, old everything.It lets u relive ur glory days of Runescape,however i start fresh on a new account .U can use your RS3 info to log in and everything ,but u will be a level 3 nooblet destined for the old tutorial island .Oh,and u need to be a member to play on 07.Runescape 07 does have a small development team and sometimes sees new content

More popular server..I'm not sure, it seems that they're split. Probably a little bit more play Runescape 3. Runescape 3 is the continually updated game, and considered the core game. However, many disagree with the changes Jagex has made, thus world counts are embarrassingly small. Worlds are sparse in terms of players and much content is dead...

How is this may ask? Well items/gold have more value in Runescape 2007. Gold is worth a decent amount of real life cash per million coins, and demand is high for RS 07 gold. Meanwhile, RS 3 gold is cheap. The ratio is sometime like 10m RS3 gold for 1m 07

According to the buyers from our site ,they seems put more value in 07 they depend more heavily on others for items, which costs money.Real life money wise, RS 07 blows RS 3 out of the water.

This is just from my point of view .someone must have different views .welcome to share with us .