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The guide for WOW powerleveling-Part 1

Power leveling is a term used to describe raising character levels in World of Warcraft at an accelerated pace. This is typically employed by those who have reached the highest levels (60+) with a character, and would like to raise their newest/another character's level up as quickly as possible. Power leveling can lead to lots of WOW gold and a steady stream of items to boost the development of all of your characters.Here some tips for u to better powerleveling your wow acc.


1.Concentrate Your Questing to Individual Zones
When your quest log is full of tasks that take you all over World of Warcraft, remember that travel is the biggest time killer in the game. When you are less than level 40 and unmounted, you will find this time better spent concentrating on one areas' quests and banging them all out before moving on to another area. This way, you have maximum completion and are able to turn in multiple quests when you make the long trip back to town, thereby leveling in an efficient and timely manner. Use a guide or a source like to map out your best plan of attack according to where the enemies/quest items are, and how close they are to one other.

2.Kill Everything that Moves
When you are sent to an area to complete a quest, whether it's stealing pumpkins or killing, go above and beyond the call of duty. Kill everything that moves. This may make your questing in certain areas take longer, but it will be worth it in the long run. You will gain more experience and items, both integral elements to power leveling.
In areas where enemies repop quickly, stick around until their loot drops dry up. Once their loot drops to grey, or they stop dropping loot altogether, move on to the next farmable field or quest area. Killing time is best spent gaining both experience and loot, so move on when the loot drops decline.

3.Stay in the Yellow
The only enemies worth killing are yellow and above, and green enemies, while easy to kill by the dozens, often provide few experience points, and loot that is often less than your needs. Certain classes, and certain players, can pull off the occasional orange or red kill, but they take a long time and the payoffs are not as much as you would expect in terms of experience. These kills may have better item drops.
Likewise, concentrate on yellow and above quests, and abandon greyed out quests every time you level. It may seem like the items or payoffs from these quests make them worth hanging on to, but when you are trying to get your character to level 60+ in a hurry, wasting time to complete these quests will detract from your time spent cleaning up on experience points and loot. Concentrating on yellow quests will mean you are receiving enough experience points for your efforts, and that the region in which you are questing is at an appropriate difficulty level.

4.Farmlands = Time to Farm
Areas that look like farmlands, typically populated by Gnoll, Undead, and Human enemies, are often the focus/center of quests involving theft, revenge, or destruction. Whenever you see a farm, stick around for a while and kill the enemies which populate the farmland as they repop.
As long as the enemies you are killing are yellow level, they will be a good source of quick experience and loot. As they repop, knock them down until your bags are full and you are becoming bored with killing, then finish the quest up and move on. Typically, these areas will also be a good place to come back and farm, especially later in the game when farming becomes critical to finishing up your character's gearing and advancement. Remember the farms whenever you are short on cash and need loot fast. And farming while questing will fill your bags with loot, and give your experience a boost.

5.The Auction is the Key to Earning Lots of Gold
You have to buy, and sell, loot in the auction house if you expect to keep your character well-geared and kicking butt. Selling items, especially those which you have made with your chosen professions, is a great way to make sure your character has the gold they need to keep their skills leveled up, to ensure that they have the proper gear, and to allow for some occasional splurge spending on fun stuff like pets, weapons and profession leveling.
Buying level appropriate gear will ensure character security, while the ability to buy ingredients necessary to raise your profession skill ratings will ensure your character stays in top form. Utilization of the auction house is a key component to power leveling your character. Make trips to major cities a part of your routine, and always check with your local auction house for anything you might want or need, to ensure that you find it at the best possible prices.

The above tips is just a small part of the profession guide for WOW powerleveling , for more tips pls keep a watchful eyes on our site.Happy game all buddies !