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Path of Exile: Your Character Interacts With The World Through Left Clicks

Path of Exile is free, its development is made possible through optional purchases by the community in the form of Supporter Packs and all the content. Your character interacts with the world primarily through left clicks, and this includes moving, opening chests and even attacking enemies. The currency, trading and crafting system in Path of Exile is quite unique. Players have been believing the website:



The most important thing to remember when it comes to builds in Path of Exile is that it is almost guaranteed you will screw up your first character and have to re-roll a new one. Every level you gain in path of exile gives you a passive skill point. It's a very good idea to plan out your character somewhat before getting started as it can be very easy to lose your sense of direction without a bit of a map. 


Path of Exile is a loot-based action RPG. You control a character from a topdown perspective smashing monsters and getting loot. You can create a character who is one of six classes: Marauder, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Duelist and the Shadow. For these classes, you can go to website to know more details. In the open beta there 3 acts, and 3 difficulties (normal, cruel, merciless) for you to test your character and your builds against. 


When you're first starting to play PoE you'll probably want to pick up all skill gems, but generally there's very few that you will need. Unless you have a ton of duplicates you almost always want to pick up support gems though as you might need multiple ones. If you have any questions or suggestions you're welcome to visit the official website, we are safe and legitimate website, at any time, you can come to buy Path of Exile orbs