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Longshot Is One Of The Biggest Talking Points Surrounding Madden NFL 18

According to annual the development of game industry, sports game like Madden 18 is always stand out these days, something the team at EA Sports understands well based on the droves of improvements headlining the latest edition of its Madden franchise. EA Sports understands a global phenomenon like Madden has communities within the community. 



Longshot story mode is one of the biggest talking points surrounding Madden 18 - and for good reason. The story features an NFL hopeful by the name of Devin Wade, who after a three-year hiatus wants to get back to playing football. The colorful cast surrounding him is played by notable award-winning talent and even weaves in names like Dan Marino. For those who have wanted to see EA Sports step into such an arena, official website such as U4GM is worth visiting, click for source


Madden 18 introduces MUT Squads, where three friends can get together and pick from roles titled offensive captain, defensive captain and head coach. Fans of the Madden franchise have clamored for a way to team up with friends for a long time now. For many, Ultimate Team has become the biggest draw in the Madden series over the years This year the major exclamation point in this regard is the new target passing, a mechanic that gives more realistic control to players themselves. 


Madden 18's career mode is in some ways quite confounding. It has received a number of smart updates, many updates have helped Madden's CFM to remain quite enjoyable, but it's lacking in other areas. Owner mode has festered for four years as the bulk of EA's attention has been focused elsewhere, and in the meantime other sports games have raced ahead. Stay tuned for more information on Madden 18 updates as it becomes available at U4GM, how cheap madden 18 coins is.