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Tips on how to unlock Kadan questline in Lost Ark

This is the end content for Lost Ark and, hence, can't be completed without the need of initially meeting several specifications. If you are itching to complete the quest, here's what you need to know to unlock it.

What would be the specifications to unlock the Kaden quest in Lost Ark?

You will discover 4 challenging specifications to unlock the Kaden quest. These are items you already have to do prior to he even gives you the choice to continue. This:

Feighton's questline completed

Completed Let There Be Light in Yorn questline

Completed the quest chain Starting our story in Whispers Islet

Completed the End of Trials quest chain on Bamboo Island of Illusions.

Additionally, it really is suggested to have an item amount of at least 1100 or higher prior to starting. Quest Kaden. It's a simple requirement, but endgame content might be tricky for those who don't possess the ideal gear.

Ways to commence Kaden's quest in Lost Ark?

When you've met each of the prerequisites, you are ready to start the quest. Simply head to Harmony Square in Verne Castle to have the initial quest. You'll uncover an NPC named Sebastian outdoors the queen's castle within the east corner of this location. They ought to be in or near the location marked on the map above Save with. Speak to them, and this may unlock The Quest for Kaden questline.

Adhere to her and acquire a deeper understanding in the world of Lost Ark and who this legendary figure was.