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Welcome to the ArcheAge Survival guide! In this series I'll take you all the way from level 1 to endgame and guide you through the various features in this open world sandbox game. This series will be a mixture of gameplay walkthroughs and organic tips combined with special episodes focusing on major gameplay mechanics. So you can either watch the series start to finish or cherry pick the episodes you find interesting!


  • The ArcheAge Survival Guide #1 - Start Here! - Races, Factions, Classes, UI & Settings!


In this first episode I start off with the very basics: picking your race, racial abilities, faction considerations, character creation, UI setup, settings and basic controls. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


  • The ArcheAge Survival Guide #2 - Beginner's Questing & PvE Combat - Level 1 to 5

In episode 2 of the ArcheAge Survival Guide I take you guys through early game questing & PvE combat. We look at basic skill setup & use, questing basics, navigating the world and quest UI, and the Overachieving / Underachieving & hidden quests mechanics. We also find out how early hidden quests and overachieving becomes available so that you can start maxing out your XP as often as possible.


  • The ArcheAge Survival Guide #3 - Getting Your First Mount & A Preview of Player Housing - Lvl 5 to 9


In episode 3 of the ArcheAge Survival Guide we take a quick tour of some of the possible player houses and what they do. We then head off and obtain our first mount!

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