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mmoebay:ArcheAge Battle Pets have offensive and defensive abilities to help you in ArcheAge level

Battle Pets is the combat pets, there are many battle pets you can choose, Wolf, Cat, Arctic Kitsune, Stone Golem, Samurai Golem and so on, they have offensive and defensive abilities to help you in ArcheAge level, quests and battle faster. Battle pets do level, and they are a big help if you are leveling a tank or healer. DPS classes don't benefit nearly as much. maybe you will be seeing new battle pets in the near further.


Battle Wolf

Getting a free wolf with the quest in Marianople if you are a Nuisance and Elves race, but you should buy it for 10 silver in special trays if you are a Firrans and Haranis race. Of course you need to reach Lv20 to use them. When you reach to Level 15 for the first battle pet in US/EU client, it is a white fox.

Archeage Battle wolf

Battle Cat

Getting battle cat with help of the quest in Villanelle if you are a Firrans and Haranis race in AA. Other races should buy it for 10 silver coins in special trays. Also you need to be level 20 to use them.

Archeage Battle Cat


Battle pets also has own levels like the Mounts, you can do level with your pet, they summoned and gain XP when you are killing the mobs, but will lose XP once they died in the battle. Another they also no XP when you doing a quest, crafting or gathering. When the battle pet reach a certain level, it will unlock new abilities in AA.



You can find the battle pets gear with reasonable price in the same Mounts interface as long as your battle pet reach the level requirements. Gear can increase the movement speed, armor and HP or Mana.

Archeage cat with gear

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