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The Fire cape is a reward for achieving level 99 firemaking ,it is a kind of item obtained after defeating TzTok-Jad in the TzHaar Fight Cave minigame.It's notable as one of the most powerful melee capes in the game .Player will always receive a firecape after killing TzTok-Jad,regardless of whether they already own one or not.Fire cape stack when sorted in the bank ,and they can be stored in the cape rack in a Costume room of player-owned house.



After completion of The Elder Kiln players can sacrifice their fire cape to gain access to a new minigame, the Fight Kiln. This only needs to be done once. After completing this new minigame players will receive a new, more powerful cape, the TokHaar-Kal.We always called it new fircape .

The fire cape is normally required to fight Ice strykewyrms. Without it, they can't be fought or assigned as a task. (A Completionist cape or a TokHaar-Kal will also count as a fire cape for this purpose.) This requirement can be bypassed by paying 2000 Slayer points to unlock the task without needing the cape. When worn, the fire cape has a bonus effect that increases all damage dealt to ice strykewyrms by 40.

As the Firecape is regard as one of the most powerful melee cape ,many player want to own one, but it take too long time to achieving level 99 firemaking .is it possible to get one in a few hours ?

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If u just want to challenge and defeat TzTok-Jad yourself here are some trivia u need pay attention to :
1.If the cape is lost in a PvP situation, the killer will receive 60,000 coins.

2.Previously, the lava on the cape was updated along with RuneScape HD, but because of the sludgy lava appearance and player complaints along with it, the fire cape was changed back to its original animation

3.If the cape is dropped onto the ground by the player, the cape will still show the animation as it were worn by the player.

4.Currently, when on high or medium graphics settings, the bottom part of the fire cape is completely black; all that remains is a small piece of lava in the middle.

5.The fire cape was once subject to a graphical glitch where setting all the graphics to low detail would cause nearby fountains to turn orange with a similar animation to the fire cape; this has since been fixed.

6.The Fire cape is tier 50 armour, as it has a 25 defence bonus.