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Gain Free Poke Balls Without Spending PokeCoins

Welcome to which will share tips for Pokemon Go regularly. Also, if you need cheap Pokemon Go Account online, our professional service will provide you amounts of safe Pokemon Go Accounts with Rare Pokemon and StarDust. Today, we want to share Pokemon Go Tip to help you level up fast and fill your Pokedex.

This is how you get free Poke Balls in Pokemon Go without spending money on PokeCoins. The best way to get extra Poke Balls is to visit PokeStops.On the world map, you’ll see floating blue diamonds scattered about. These are PokeStops! You’ll need to physically walk to these PokeStops, and when you’re in range the blue diamonds will change into circular icons, signifying you can interact with them. Tap and you’ll see a real picture of the location, otherwise known as a Photo Disc. Spin the Photo Disc with your finger to get free Poke Balls and other items, like Pokemon Candy used to Power Up you Pokemon.

You only receive a limited amount of items from PokeStops with each trip. You can also get Eggs, Potions and other useful items every now and then. If you visit the same one frequently you will get reduced items but you still normally get 3 Poke Balls at least. To get more, you’ll need to come back later. We don’t have an exact amount of time, but you should be able to return to a PokeStop at least 10-15 minutes later, based on our experience with the game. While, to get Great Ball is level based. When you finally reach level 12 you will be rewarded with 20 Great Balls that you can use.

How can we Get Free PokeCoins?

Pokecoins are in-game currency that can be used to buy various Pokemon Go items like potions, PokeBalls and other items. Instead of purchasing the free coins with real money in shop, there are couple of ways to get it for free. One way to get free Pokecoins is to claim a Gym and assign a Pokemon to protect it.Once the Pokemon finishes his task of safeguarding the Gym, the trainer will get “defender bonus” which is equal to 10 coins per day. So, if there are ten Pokemon shielding ten Gyms simultaneously, the player can ear 100 Pokemon coins per day.

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