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You Can Opt To Buy Path Of Exile Currency With Real Money

Path of Exile was conceived as a free-to-play title that would truly be free to play, with in-app purchases (IAPs) designed not to throw off the game balance or nickel and dime players. Although Path of Exile can't compete with Diablo on a story level (this is a story-light game at present), it certainly holds its own in the looks department. Most excitingly, Path of Exile will take full advantage of the increased horsepower of the Xbox One X. The developers plan to add further enhancements in the future, see more at here



Each player has an in-game stash with a limited amount of room to keep their extra gear. You can opt to buy path of exile currency with real money, thus increasing the amount of stuff you can keep. With gameplay similar to Diablo and Drakensang, players must survive this post-apocolyptic fantasy world either solo or by teaming up with other exiles. Each one of these characters, excluding the secret one, can evolve into one of 3 different classes. 



Shadow | The Shadow is a hybrid class that combines dexterity and intelligence.

Duelist | Master of close-quarters combat, able to deal lethal damage while also deftly avoiding it.

Witch | Master of raw magic, the elements, and the dark arts, able to deal diseases, curses, and death from long range. 

Marauder | Relying on pure strength and ferocity, this class excels at dealing devastating damage while taking hit after hit.

Ranger | Slim, graceful, agile, and fast are the Ranger's trademarks, and is also highly skilled with ranged and melee weapons. 

Templar | Bringing hope, faith, and divine zeal to a forlorn land, the Templar relies on physical skill and righteous abilities to vanquish foes and help those in need. 


When you progress through the various acts and levels, you'll come across characters that offer you side quests to complete. The game itself is presented in the same top down camera style that you find in Diablo, and each of the areas is designed with its own unique atmosphere that seems to follow through several different iterations throughout the stages. We offer timely path of exile orbs around the clock, be sure to meet your any needs.