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Path Of Exile War For The Atlas Is Bringing Two New Types

Path of Exile War For The Atlas is now available for download. This update is a massive one so you won't bother to wait for some more minutes for it to get ready. According to Grinding Gear Games, the company has also created a torrent file which you can use to download the whole game and you can find it in Path of Exile official page. War For The Atlas looks to be another fine update, visit the official website here



Path of Exile War For The Atlas is bringing two new types: Elder (which is portrayed with tentacle background) and Shaper (portrayed with void background) which offer powerful properties, destined only for these items. These items can be only found in Elder and Shaper maps and are extremely rare to obtain. In this expansion, completing the 40 challenges available in this league will reward you with microtransaction items, like wings, helmet, portal effect and trophies to use in your hideout. Players opt to U4GM to buy exalted orbs and poe items. 


A total of 32 randomized maps will be introduced in War for the Atlas with a variety of end-game items including 50 new unique items, new skills to master for the Necromancer class, and ten new gems. In general, 12 challenges can be completed by finishing the main game, 24 challenges need you to be able to reliably clear tier 10 maps, and 36 challenges need you to be able to take down the most powerful bosses in the game. 


The expansion has just been officially announced, it's second for 2017 year following the Fall of Oriath expansion earlier this year. Dubbed War for the Atlas, the expansion has been launched for a while. It follows a new story set in Atlas focused on the war between the forces of The Shaper and a mysterious new entity called The Elder. The expansion is definitely a massive feat, the expansion added the Abyss Challenge League and more.