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Runescape memeship card

As we all know the runescape2007 only played by the player who have memeship ,so our gamers need get the runescape memenership card first before start to play the game .

Runescape memeship card is a kind of prepaid card but many players get some problems when they purchasing memebership with runescape pre-pard card experience, here we will offer some solutions which u can follow

1. where to purchase runescape pre-paid cards ?

RuneScape Pre-Paid Cards are available in lots of different stores in many countries. To find the nearest store that supplies Pre-Paid Cards near you, click HERE to open the store locator.

2.Card PIN unreadable

The PIN on a RuneScape Pre-Paid Card is very difficult to scratch off. However, if this has happened to you, please contact the online service or u can ask the seller to help u get the memebership

3.Card deactivated

If you receive a message telling you your card is deactivated or not recognised, this means the store has not activated it correctly. The first thing you should do is return to the site to see ask the online helper to do this for you.
You should have received a receipt containing an authorisation code, always make sure you collect this when purchasing a RuneScape Pre-Paid Card.
4.Card already redeemed

If you RuneScape receive a message saying your Pre-Paid Card has already been redeemed one of the following things will have happened:
You have successfully redeemed the card to your account, but have not received the confirmation message. In this instance I would suggest logging into your account to see if you can access members worlds.
The card (or card number) was given to you by a friend. In this case the card has already been used before it was given to you. You will need a new card to purchase membership.
Please be careful to enter your username correctly when redeeming a RuneScape Pre-Paid Card. These are non-reversible methods of payment and if you add the membership to the wrong account it will stay there.