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New Updates Come to Guild Wars 2

"Guild Wars 2" is an immensely multiplayer online role-playing game made by Arena Net for Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. It is set in a fictional world of Tyria, 250 years after the players' overthrow of the Great Destroyer in the Eye of the North enlargement.


"Guild Wars 2: Living World" was released on November 21. Project Reality recently announced that mods for the game are already available. The mods incorporate "Falklands War" into the game, which includes new content updates such as "Nightmare Fractal" and "A Crack in the Ice."


Guild Wars 2 Living World


The "Nightmare Fractal" will be set in the tower of Nightmares. Players will escort the Mysterious Asura to the core while battling off several eldritch atrocities and mechanical horrors. As a Level 1 fractal, it is supposed to be played by a fresh level 80 character with sufficient mechanical difficulty will prepare players for advanced tiers.


Let's check the updates in details:

A Crack in the Ice

Taimi believes that her research will lead to new insights about the Elder Dragons. Find out if any chilling discoveries await you in the Shiverpeaks as you venture closer to the Elder Dragon Jormag's territory.


Nightmare Fractal

Bad dreams and harsh reality collide in the Fractals of the Mists, where the Mysterious Asura has a new challenge for you to survive-if you're up to the task.


And also there are Quality-of-life updates for World vs. World & Build the new legendary shield, Shooshadoo!