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Dofus Touch: Some Farmer Profession Tips That Will Help You

Farmer, one of the hardest professions to level up, but have the highest return on their investment later. The work of a farmer is spending half his time in harvesting cereals in the fields and the other half grinding them to make flour for the baker offering the highest price.


Farmer acquires their main ingredients by clicking on harvestable resources, usually grouped together in area full of like cereal, with a 100% chance of getting several of the like cereal with a chance for a resource protector to appear with 50 of the respective cereal with a chance for a rare drop.





Fastest proffesion to level. 

Things are easy to farm. (always in large quanitys outside bonta so you can farm non stop no need to wait for respawn) 

Easy to combo with 2 other proffesions.

Weat can be turned to strings to sell in resource market. (at cra temple you can trade 2 for 1 string) 

Can cover 2 sellrooms. (resource and farmers) 

Less proffitable then the harder proffesions. 

Comboed with baker it the fastest money in dofus bread sells faster then anything else but time/money wise is the least of all gathering proffesions but still decent and nice to have wen you need fast money. (wholeweat bread sells faster then you can make it with level 100 farmer) 

No compatation wen gathering do to high ammount of resources to collect from. 




Slow start like most proffesions. 

No one will say wow you have a level 100 farmer! 


Profession Tips


Farm only Wheat, Barley, Oats, Hop till you hit 50 and unlock Rye then spam Wheatmeal Flour to lvl 100 farmer. (you will catch up and surpass all other proffesion at this point by about 2-3 days)

When you hit 100 consider making baker all mats for baker can be bought from NPC and collected from farmer making it a very easy proffesion to level and you will be able to reap all the proffits and benifits.

When you hit 100 consider making a alchemist you can collect rice to make brakmar/bonta recalls for money(and fast leveling of alchemy) as well as collect hemp and turning them into seeds (5 hemp =1 seed i belive) which sells well in resource market).


As one of the most popular profession for players, the profession Farmer have so many good points so it's worth leveling. By the way, our big kamas promotion has last for 5 days, the 3% discount will be locked in 5 days, if you want to buy dofus touch kamas at low price, visit www.dofustouch-kamas.com to know more.


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