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Albion: Why Gamers Are Fond Of Guilds

A good gaming experience, it can contribute to me numerous moments of gaming bliss as well as months of lasting fascination and satisfaction. Of course, in a massively multiplayer online game, I'm pointing out that being part of a guild. I'm also manage to get cheap albion online gold.



I’ve played many roles in guilds, including senior officer, head diplomat, and fleet commander. I recently started playing two newer MMOGs after burning out on another. I play such games in order to interact with other people, so joining a guild is one of my early-game goals. 


In each MMOG, I searched for the kind of guild I prefer, applied to it, and was accepted. This experience has provoked my thinking about what a guild can become. For example, while reading and watching guilds’ recruiting content I’m reminded of my past guild experiences, good and bad.


At its best a guild helps members meet their fundamental human needs. Like many psychologists, I believe that we can better understand specific behaviors by unpacking and illuminating human needs. People who choose to participate in a social “construct” such as a guild are trying to meet distinct needs. 


Needs are a messy business. While needs can drive behavior, we may not consciously consider our needs when we make choices, or we may not choose the best strategies to meet our needs. For example, I may not carefully consider what I’m looking for in a guild, join an ill fitting or poorly managed guild and feel thwarted in meeting my needs.


By contrast, a guild and its members thrive when the guild leaders understand members’ needs, make it relatively easy to meet them, and communicate this understanding and ease to prospective members. Of course, you don’t have to be a psychologist to effectively lead a guild. Yet developing a deeper understanding of human needs may help guild leaders and other members discuss, plan, and troubleshoot their guilds’ health. seemingly, almost players have been expecting to buy cheap albion silver.