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  • Adamantite oreAdamantite ore K$6.2
  • Air runeAir rune K$5
  • Big bonesBig bones K$5
  • Blood runeBlood rune K$5.4
  • Blue dragon leatherBlue dragon leather K$6.45
  • Blue dragonhideBlue dragonhide K$6.2
  • Body runeBody rune K$5
  • Bronze barBronze bar K$7
  • Bronze knifeBronze knife K$6
  • CannonballCannonball K$6.3
  • Chaos runeChaos rune K$6
  • ChinchompaChinchompa K$5.25
  • Clean lantadymeClean lantadyme K$5.82
  • CoalCoal K$5.1
  • Copper oreCopper ore K$6
  • Cosmic runeCosmic rune K$5.6
  • Dagannoth bonesDagannoth bones    $6
  • Dagannoth hideDagannoth hide K$6.7
  • Death runeDeath rune K$6.8
  • Dragon arrowDragon arrow K$7
  • Dragon boltsDragon bolts K$7.07
  • Dragon bonesDragon bones K$6.3
  • Dragon dartDragon dart K$6
  • Fire runeFire rune K$6
  • Frost dragon bonesFrost dragon bones K$8.44
  • Gold barGold bar K$6
  • Gold oreGold ore K$7.5
  • Green dragon leatherGreen dragon leather K$6.6
  • Green dragonhideGreen dragonhide K$6.36
  • Iron arrowIron arrow K$6
  • Iron barIron bar K$6.8
  • Lava runeLava rune K$6
  • Law runeLaw rune K$6
  • Limpwurt rootLimpwurt root K$6.45
  • LobsterLobster K$6
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